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Plots of Pressure and Temperature logging data

Monday 18 February 2013 - Filed under Uncategorized

These data were taken during a Burle deposition run on Fe 13 2010 to test the logging
code and the calibration of 6009 digitized voltage to pressure and temperature.

Calibrated Pressure data using single reads at 1 second intervals.
Pressure log data The dramatic wiggle at about 14:10:00 is not
the result of the calibration which in fact has a break at the voltage corresponding to
0.01mT as I am using a 2 region piecewise continuous function. The wiggle is also in the
raw signal. Jun does not remember any operation which could be identified with this issue.

Calibrated Temperature data using single reads at 1 second interval.
Temperature log data Clearly the readout voltage of a few millvolts
is to small for the noise environment for single reads.

Calibrated Temperature data using an average of 10 1second points for plot interval of 1 min.
Error bars are std/sqrt(10).
Temperature log data The averaging improves the situation. I will
adjust the code to do averaging of a few hundred reads to see of the means provide a more
reliable measurement.

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Re: Plots of Pressure and Temperature logging data

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