Photomultiplier Info

Photmultiplier Tubes

  1. Photomultiplier tubes applications in Biotechnology

  2. Photomultiplier tubes applications in Laser Technology

  3. Photomultiplier tubes applications in space research

  4. Advances in Photomultiplier Technology

  5. Advances in multipixel Geiger mode avalance photodiodes (silicon photomultipliers)

  6. Photo Detection with high gain Avalanche Photodiode arrays

  7. Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes for medical imaging applications

  8. Photomultipliers with microchannel plates
  9. Advances in Gaseous imaging photomultipliers

Electron Info


  1. Electron Amplification in Diamond

  2. Electron Emittlers from Nanoporous Carbon

  3. Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Field Emission Cathodes for light source aplication

  4. Vacuum Micro-Electronics (Russian)

  5. Electron Emission info

  6. The Secondary Electron yeild with technical materials

  7. an Apparatus for determining the SEE properties of momconductors

  8. Autoelectron emission (Russian)

  9. calculation of secondary electron emission from MgO surface

  10. Critical potentials in SEE from Iorn, Nickel and Molybdenum

  11. Diamond amplifier for Photocathode

  12. Electron emission from discontinuous gold-carbon compound film on etched porous aluminum oxide

  13. Electron emission from nanotubes on porous alumina

  14. Electron emission from porous silicon planar emitters

  15. Electronic Bombardment of Metal Surfaces

  16. Improvement of SEE property of MgO protective layer

  17. Instrumental effects in secondary electron yield and energy distribution measurement

  18. The effect of Li-ion-doped porous MgO film on Operation memory margin of plasma display

  19. mean secondary electron yeild of avalanche electrons in the channels of a microchannel plate

  20. origin of secondary electron emission curve parameters

  21. secondary electron emission and self-consistent charge transport and storage in bulk insulators

  22. SEE for Layered structures

  23. SEE from Insulators

  24. SEE from Tungsten Copper and Gold

  25. SEE measurements on synthetic diamond films

  26. Secondary Electron emission Studies

  27. Secondary Electron Emission from Ionic crystals

  28. Self sustaining secondary electron inages induced by focused ion beams

  29. Target material dependence of secondary electron images induced by focused ion beams

  30. the effective secondary electron yeild in the spaec charge limited condition

  31. Theoretical study of the SEE of insulatin targets

  32. X-ray induced electron emission in porous solids

  33. X-ray induced SEE's

  34. Electron Multiplier Info

  35. First mass production of gas electron multipliers

  36. Mass Spectometers

  37. imaging with the gas electron multiplier

  38. the mechanism of channe electron multiplication

Ion Implantation

  1. diffusion of ion implanted species

  2. ion beam methods for optical technology

  3. Ion Implantaion under oblique angle

  4. ion implantaion calculation

  5. ion implantaion in multi layered structures

  6. Photon Detector info

    1. Electronic Portal Imaging Devices

    2. Nanomaterials for Practical Functional Uses

    3. Photocathode Materials

    4. Photon Detectors

    5. Photosensors

    Microchannel Plates

    1. An Analysis of Microchannel plate composition and its effet on extreme ultraviolet quantum efficiency

    2. Nano-Engineered Ultra-High gain Microchannel plates

    3. Calculation of the output charge cloud from a microchannel plate

    4. Photon counting with small pore Microchannel plates

    Gaseous Photodetector info

    1. Gaseous photodetectors with solid photocathodes

    2. Novel Cherenkov photon detectors

    3. Micropattern Gaseous Detectors

    4. The Gas Photodiode as a Possible Large Area Photon Detector

    Quantum Dots

    1. Nanoporous Photocathode and photoanode made by multilayer assembly of Quantum dots