Our collaboration is big, and is something of a `pickup-ballgame', in that we all come from different areas, with different experiences and (professional) cultures. Also, we're trying something new, and some of the lore of the old ways may no longer be correct, as technology (in particular material science, surface chemistry, characterization, and the availability of ultra-pure gases) has changed.

So, there are times when there's a conflict of opinion on how to do something, or even whether something is possible at all. Our collaboration has developed a standard way of dealing with this- if rational discussion can't persuade, rather than argue, we start in on both ways in parallel, with whoever gets there first and cheapest proving their point.

However the process may take a while, and it's helpful to try to write down what the issues are. This page is an attempt to do that. Please Be Nice.

Comments and suggestions should go to Paul Bogdan and Henry Frisch:

paulcbogdan AT yahoo.com

frisch AT hep.uchicago.edu

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