First Workshop on Photocathodes: 300nm-500nm

Photocathode Workshop: agenda, talks
July 20-21, 2009 at the University of Chicago

Day 1 Talks

Klaus Attenkofer (ANL)Goals of the Workshop(ppt)(pdf)
Kevin Jensen (NRL)The Fundamental Processes (Photon and Electron level)(pdf)
Alexei Lyashenko (Yale)The Chemistry of Bialkali/Multi-alkali Photocathodes(ppt)(pdf)
John Smedley (BNL)Factors in Quantum Efficiency and Noise: State-of-the-Art(ppt)(pdf)
Peter Townsend (Sussex)Enhancing Photon Absorption: Anti-re?ection Coatings, Re?ecting Substrates, Resonance Tuning.(ppt)(pdf)
Zeke Insepov (ANL)Enhancing Electron Emission(ppt)(pdf)
Ivan Bazarov (Cornell)The Fundamental Processes (Photon and Electron level)(pptx)(pdf)
Douglas Bell (Caltech/JPL)The Chemistry of GaAsX- and III-V-based Photocathodes: 300-500 nm(ppt)(pdf)
Timothy Norton (NASA/Goddard)Factors in Quantum E?ciency and Noise: State-of-the-Art(ppt)(pdf)
Jerry Vavra (SLAC)Why One Wants to Be More Red(pdf)
Daniel Ferenc (UC Davis)Photon-Absorption Enhancement Factor(ppt)(pdf)
Katherine Harkay (Argonne)Electron Emission Enhancement Factor(ppt)(pdf)
Valentin Ivanov (Muons,Inc)Simulation of Conventional and Unconventional Photo-cathode Geometries(ppt)(pdf)

Day 2 Talks

Jonas Johansson (Lund)Physical, Chemical, and Electronic Properties of Nanostructured Photo-cathodes(ppt)(pdf)
Michael Pellin (ANL)Promising Directions for Developing Nano-structured Photocathodes(pptx)(pdf)
Klaus Attenkofer (ANL)Problems and Obstacles for Developing Nano-structured Photocathodes(ppt)(pdf)
Gregory Engel (Chicago)Biologically Inspired Design for Photon Capture in Nanostructured Materials
Michael Pellin (ANL)Aerogel Photocathodes(pptx)(pdf)
Daniel Ferenc (UC Davis)New Ideas & Fabrication Techniques for PC's for PMT's, MCP-PMT's(ppt)(pdf)
Oswald Siegmund (SSL/UC Berkeley)Existing Fabrication Facilities for PC’s for imaging MCP detectors(ppt)(pdf)
Dean Walters (ANL)Specs and Design Options for a 8”-flat-panel MCP-PMT Fabrication Facility(ppt)(pdf)

Travel & Parking