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MCP-PMT Simulation
General Documents and Review Talks
Simulations of Secondary Electron Emission in materials
Simulations of Photo-Emission in materials
Electric Fields
Pore Shower Simulations
Anode Simulations
Signal generation and front end
Photoelectron emission from a photocathode:
Properties of real devices:
Chicago End-to-End Teaching MCP-PMT Simulation
General and Introductory
Front Window and Photocathode
Photocathode to MCP1_IN gap
MCP trajectory and parametric simulations
MCP1_OUT to MCP2_IN gap
MCP2_Out to Anode gap
Anode simulation
Signal generation and front end
Material (eg Coil) in front of the TOF System
Tim Credo's Window Simulation with fusedSilica MgF2 and R3809U-58 or QE58 Cherenkov simulation Sep2006