Databases of substrates, tests, etc. of the picosecond group

Tile base inventories

Already seal-attempted tile bases -- E-mail for updating this inventory or update it yourself

33 mm and 8 inch square Glass Substrates

MCP Database -- includes all 8" plates and 33mm samples (from block 13600 onwards). Password required, ask Mary or Henry. Send any problems, comments, requests, etc. to Mary.

33mm Glass Substrate and Testing Database (LAPDMCP AT; bigflatplace ) Please use above MCP database. All 33mm sample info pre-block 13600 is here.

Glass Parts Inventory

Database of Glass Parts -- List of all parts and current locations. Maintained by Mary. Please send her your updates.

Inventory of PSEC4 Boards/Chips/Materials

Global inventory of PSEC4 boards ACDC/ACC and a log of hardware changes -- List of the locations of boards, cards, chips that are relevant for psec4 DAQ and at UChicago. To update, contact

Bill of Material for ACDC rev B board - 4-17-2019 -- Bill of materials for ACDC rev B boards. Check the date on the file name! This document is updated frequently. Contact or for most recent version.