Papers relevant to accelerator, undulator, and synchrotron physics

Single electron beam stabilities/measurements

  1. Electron Wave Function Localization in Accelerators - S. Nagaitsev (University of Chicago/FNAL), Kwang-Je Kim (University of Chicago/ANL), Henry Frisch (University of Chicago) and Young-Kee Kim (University of Chicago)
    This abstract addresses the potential of the IOTA electron ring for measuring a single electron wavefunction in a beam.

  2. Kwang-Je Kim. "Quantum Fluctuations in Beam Dynamics". Presented at the 15th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics, January 4-9, 1998. LS-271
    Quantum effects could become important for particle and photon beams used in high-luminosity and high brightness applications in the current and next generation accelerators and radiation sources. This paper is a review of some of these effects.

  3. Matthew Sands. "Synchrotron Oscillations Induced by Radiation Fluctuations". Phys Rev Vol 97, Number 2, 470. 1955
    Phase oscillations of electrons in a high-energy synchrotron are induced by the radiation of quanta. These induced oscillations set a limit to the damping of electron bunches. This limiting bunch size is sufhcient to influence the radial aperture and the radio-frequency voltage required at low beam intensities, and to reduce energy loss by coherent radiation at high intensities.

  4. N.A. Vinokurov. "Longitudinal Motion in Storage Rings and Quantum Excitation".
    Experiment in BINP measuring single electron wavefunction. The longitudinal motion in storage rings is described. Both theoretical and experimental issues for the influence of the synchrotron radiation on the single electron motion are discussed in more details.

  5. Gerald Gabrielse. "Probing a Single Isolated Electron: New Measurements of the Electron Magnetic Moment and the Fine Structure Constant". The Spin, Poincare Seminar 2007.