Papers relevant to measuring cesium content of a vacuum system or manifold

Cesium detector info.

  1. George James. "Detector for molecular or atomic beam apparatus". US Patent. 1969.
    A patent from 1969 that uses electron multiplication stages and ionizing wires that have very close work functions to cesium to reduce noise from impurities

  2. R. Delhuille et. al. "Optimization of a Langmuir-Taylor detector for lithium. arXiv:physics/0203037v1. 2002

  3. Charlie Sinclair. "Alkali metal sources for photocathodes and their quantification -- getter sources vs. metallic evaporation sources". Second photocathode workshop , 2012.
    A few slides in this talk discuss measuring cesium partial pressure using a calibrated Langmuir-Taylor hot wire detector.

  4. John Bradshaw Taylor and Irving Langmuir. "The Evaporation of Atoms, Ions and Electrons from Caesium Films on Tungsten". The Physical Review, Vol. 44 No. 6. Sept 15 1933
    The original paper by Langmuir-Taylor describing the hot wire detector.

  5. R.W. Springer and B.J. Cameron. "Photocathode transfer and storage techniques using alkali vapor feedback control". NIM A318, 1992, 396-400
    A paper by Springer that shows how one could make a cesium detector out of a hot cathode gauge