Papers relevant to the application of LAPPDs to Dark Matter detectors

General Dark Matter Detectors

  1. Doke Tadayoshi. "A historical view on the R&D for liquid rare gas detectors". NIM A 327, 1993
    A historical review. Gives energy thresholds of incoming particles to produce scintillation in rare liquids.

  2. R. Acciarri et. al. "Summary of the Second Workshop on Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Research and Development in the United States
    A general update on the most recent research as of the 2015 conference.

  3. B. Baller et. al. "Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Research and Development in the United States
    Same as R. Acciarri's paper, but from the first conference in 2014.

  4. M. Ichige et al. "Operating characteristics of photomultipliers at low temperature". NIM A 327, 144, 1993.
    Luca Grandi's undergraduate thesis. This covers information about photocathode QE measurements (multialkali/bialkali) at low temperatures for liquid noble detectors.

Special photo-devices in Liquid Noble Element (LNE) detectors

  1. Breskin, Amos. "Liquid Hole-Multipliers: A potential concept for large single-phase noble-liquid TPCs of rare events". 2012
    Describes an interesting effect in single-phase detectors where scintillation arises from liquid electron-hole pairs

  2. A. Bondar, A. Buzulutskov, et. al. "Electron emission properties of two-phase argon and argon-nitrogen avalanche detectors". arXiv: 0908_2915
    One application of Gas Electron Mulitpliers (GEMs)

  3. Z. Moss, M. Toups, L. Bugel, G.H. Collin, J.M. Conrad. "Anode-Coupled Readout for Light Collection in Liquid Argon TPCs". 2015. arXiv:1507.01997v1
    One application of SiPM photo-detectors. Author's use a wavelength shifting material, TPB.

  4. K. Mavrokoridis et. al. "Optical readout of a two phase liquid argon TPC using CCD camera and THGEMs. 2014. arXiv: 1401.0525
    The use of CCD technology to detect scintillation in LAr.

Photocathode Materials for low temp, VUV light

  1. Blodgett, Albert. Spicer, William. Experimental Determination of the Density of states in Nickel. Phys. Rev. 146, 390, 1966.
    This paper is evidence that pure Ni has QE ~%1 at 128nm light

  2. O.H.W Siegmund. "Progress in soft X-Ray and UV photocathodes". SPIE Vol 2808/617.
    Photocathode QE measurements for MCPs with coated pores. CsCl, RbI, RbCl, BaCl, CsI, LiF, MgBr, AgCl, KBr.

Electron-Argon scattering

  1. J. Ferch, B. Granitza et. al. "Electron-argon total cross section measurement at low energies by time-of-flight spectroscopy". 1984. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Phys. 18
    Gives total cross section values at incidence electron energies around the Ramsauer-Townsend minimum.

  2. Sultana N. Nahar and J. M. Wadehra. "Elastic scattering of positrons and electrons by argon". Physical Review A, Vol 35, No. 5, 1987
    Gives experimental measurement of total cross section as well as differential cross section of electron-argon interactions. In the introductory paragraph, lists many references to other past experimental measurements at different electron energies/scattering angles.