Mechanical Assembly Dimensions, Sketches, Prints

  1. PSEC Image Library
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Sealing: Indium and Indium Alloys

  1. H. E. Schoeller, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Oxidation and Temperature Dependent Mechanical Characterization of Pure Indium Solder, Master's Thesis, SUNY Binghamton, 2007 (wonderful thesis on indium with lots and lots of critical stuff)
  2. Indium Bonding to Glass/Ceramic (from Indium Corp)
  3. Indium Cold Welding (from Indium Corp)
  4. Indium Etching to Remove Oxides (from Indium Corp)
  5. Indium For Sealing (from Indium Corp)
  6. Link to Indium Corp Application Notes
  7. Link to Indium Applicator Video
  8. Daniel Ferenc Indium-Au low-temp UHV seal
  9. Daniel Ferenc Slides on his Indium-Au low-temp UHV seal (nice!)
  10. P. Hlava; Indium Solder Problems (2006)
  11. Highly Segmented Large-area Hybrid Photodiodes with Bialkali Photocathodes; A. Braem, C. Joram, T. Ypsilantis, et. al. (1998?)
  12. Reliability of Flip Chip Packages with High Thermal Conductivity;Yuquan Li, R. Wayne Johnson et al. (Auburn University, Texas Instruments) (2008)IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Converence (lots of details on In metallurgy)
  13. Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Oxidation and Temperature Dependent Mechanical Characterization of Pure Indium Solder; Harry E. Scholler, Masters Thesis SUNY Binghamton (2005)
  14. Solder spread:a criterion for evaluation of soldering; G. Humpston D. M. Jacobson "Quantitative measurements of the intrinsic spread characteris- tics of solders used in electronics applications can be carried out by making use of the beneficial properties of gold." (1990)
  15. Indium Solders; G. Humpston and D. M. Jacobson (2005)

Sealing: Cleaning and Coating Substrates

  1. Adhesion Mechanism of NiCr Layers on Al2O3 and AlN Substrates
  2. Damage behaviour of Al2O3 insulating layers in thin film systems
  3. Etching Copper Oxide Using Acetic Acid (2001)

Sealing: Alternative Methods

  1. Frit Sealing Techniques and Tools (from Seungwoo Lee, Minotech)
  2. Field Assisted Glass Sealing
  3. Robust and Stable Sealing
  4. Investigating Different Methods of Bonding Glass Substrates
  5. Ceramics Bonding Using Solder Glass Frit
  6. Characterization of Kovar-Pyrex anodically bonded samples
  7. Field-assisted diffusion bonding and bond characterization of glass to aluminum
  8. Diffusion effect of intermetallic layers on adhesion and mechanical properties
  9. In-Pb soldering to Au
  10. Substrate metallization considerations for soldering
  11. I. Ohnuma, Y. Cui, X. Liu, Y. Inohana, S. Ishihara, H. Ohtani, R. Kainuma, K. Ishida; Phase Equilibria of Sn-In Based Micro-Soldering (2000)
  12. W. So, C. Lee; Fluxless Process of Fabricating In-Au Joints on Copper Substrates
  13. Low Temperature Sealing: Ferro Sealing Frits


  1. Link to properties of getter materials and specification sheets (bottom of page)
  2. Getter Materials- article in Electronics, 1950
  3. Getters and Gettering in Plasma Display Panels: SAES Getters, 1998
  4. Sandia ST707 measurements of H2 per Zirconium
  5. SAES original NEG pump ST707 paper (good)
  6. XPS analysis vs activation temp of 707-like material
  7. Original SAES Giorgi ST122 NIM article (1989)
  8. Technical Specification of ST122/NCF-A4-450/50/300/2X23.4/D-UE
  9. SAES_ST122_FED_HPTF and PLASMA_HPTF datasheets
  10. Strip Mounting
  11. RF Activation
  12. Daniel Herring Getter Iinfo
  13. Daniel Herring _0912 Q&A
  14. Daniel Herring Getters
  15. K. W. Hipps Washington State Film/Outgassing Class Slides
  16. Total area of 33mm and 8by8 Capillary Plates (Jason McPhate Calculations)
  17. Optiz Scherge Monolayer Water
  18. Water dissociation and Selective Absorption in the ZrVFe Gettering Alloy
  19. HJF Simple Calculations of Water Load and Getter Capacity for LAPPD

Vacuum Considerations-Other

  1. Tray Cross-Section
  2. Ingredients of Scotch Bright (concern on vacuum properties of abrasives after assembly)

High Voltage Constraints and Designs

  1. High Field Insulation Relevant to Vacuum Microelectronic Devices

Mechanical Loading, Strain and Stress

  1. TBD

Heat Transfer and Extraction

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Assembly Methods and Facilities

  1. Dean Walters:High Purity-Atmospheric Pressure Glove Box
  2. EFD Dispensing Tips
  3. EFD Optimum Brochure
  4. EFD Tip Selection Guide
  5. EFD Dispensing Brochure

UChicago Top Seal Development
  1. 1x1samples.txt
  2. Cleaning Procedure