Paper Review Committees

Note: Our nascent authorship policy is that as a PSEC collaborator you are entitled to ask to be an author if you feel you made essential contributions, are willing to defend and explain the results, and have closely read and worked through the paper.

PSEC3 Paper

Link to paper: PSEC3 paper

Authors: Eric Oberla, Herve Grabas, Henry Frisch, Jean-Francois Genat, Gary Varner
Godparents: Karen Byrum (Chair), Kurtis Nishimura

Anode Paper

Link to paper: Anode paper

Authors: Herve Grabas, Razib Obaid, Henry Frisch, David McGinnis, Eric Oberla
Godparents: Carla Grosso-Pilcher (Chair), Jean-Francois Genat, Andrey Elagin

MCP Fundamentals

Link to paper: MCP Fundamentals paper

Authors: Matt Wetstein, Valentin Ivanov, Zinetula Insepov, Slade Jokela, Bernhard Adams, Matthieu Chollet, Andrey Elagin, Jeffrey Elam, Henry Frisch, Anil Mane, Razib Obaid, Qing Peng, Igor Veryovkin, Alexander Vostrikov, Alexander Zinovev
Godparents: Anton Tremsin (Chair), Jason McPhate, Neal Sullivan, Bob Wagner

33mm MCP Test Results

Link to paper: 33mm MCP Test Results

Authors: Bernhard Adams, Andrey Elagin, Razib Obaid, Eric Oberla, Alexander Vostrikov, Matt Wetstein, plus TBC
Godparents: Jim Buckley (Chair), TBA

List of TIPP papers and Committee Memberships

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