Second Workshop on Photocathodes: 300nm-500nm
Photocathode Workshop: agenda, talks
June 29-30, 2012 at The University of Chicago
Day 1
Karen Byrum (ANL-HEPD)
Henry Frisch (UC)
Goals of the Workshop PPTX PDF
Razmik Mirzoyan (MPI-Munich) What Are the Highest QE's Measured So Far? PPT PDF
John Smedley (BNL) Determining Parameters in the Spicer-Model and Predicted Maximum QE PPTX PDF
Inés Montaño (Sandia) Minimizing Negative and Maximizing Positive Effects of Electron Scattering PDF
Xiuling Li (UIUC)Influence of Structure and Composition on Conductivity and Optical Properties
Andy Cormack (ET Enterprises) Overview and Critique on Design Concepts for Sources PDF
Charles Sinclair (Cornell) Getter Sources Versus Metallic Evaporation Sources PPTX PDF
Oswald Siegmund Challenges in Photocathode Deposition for Large-Area MCP Proximity-Focus Devices PDF
Ray Conley (BNL)Comparison of Evaporation, Sputtering and CVD Techniques for Growth of Multi-Component Systems

Day 2
Sen Qian (IHEP) Cathode Development in China PPT PDF
Matthew Highland (ANL-MSD) Solid State Solutions, Phase Diagrams and Phase Transitions PPT PDF
Jeffrey Elam (ANL-ESD) In situ Measurement Tools PPTX PDF
Miguel Ruiz Osés (Stony Brook) Visualizing Crystal Growth and Solid State Chemistry During the Recipe PPTX PDF
Zikri Yusof (ANL-HEPD) Changes In Cs2Te Photocathode Fermi Level Due to Heating PDF