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  1. M. Gorlich, Coplanar Waveguides in GHz-Thz range- Towards a Test Facility for THz Coplanar Waveguid Sample Cells, Diploma thesis, Univ. of Applied Sciences, Munich; 05/30/2008
Electrical Properties
  1. Intel: Signal Integrity for High Speed Integrated Circuits
  2. Intel: Anodes Crosstalk Overview
  3. Jean-Francois Genat: Short digest about transmission lines. Application to strip-lines on glass. Specifications.
  4. Michael Baumer: Two models for our transmission line.
  5. Henry Frisch: Skin Depths in Copper and Other Materials.
  6. Michael Baumer: Skin Depth and Attenuation on the Anode Card
  7. Michael Baumer: Kovar Walls and Signal Integrity
  8. Simulation Setup for TL with MCP
Fabrication Techniques and Mechanical Properties
  1. Thick Film Techniques (from Seungwoo Lee)
Capacitive Coupling (aka Inside-Out)
  1. RoentDek Patent (1994)
  2. First MCP Capacative Coupling Readout (Jagutzki/RoentDek 1999)
  3. Original Thin Resistive Layer Capacitive Pulse Readout, for wire chambers (Battistoni et. al., 1978)
  4. Most recent RoentDek paper. Includes some applications (2013)
  5. Photek (2005)
  6. More European work (Jagutzki, 2007)
  7. LHCb thesis using Photek's resistive layer MCP-PMT's (2016)
Measuring techniques and Instruments
  1. TDR_IConnect Technology.pdf
  2. S-Parameters Insertion ReturnLoss.pdf
Impedence Calculators
  1. atlc - Arbitrary Transimission Line Calculator
  2. Edge Coupled Microstrip Impedance Calculator