Properties of Materials By Material


  1. Cathodoluminescence and Depth Profiles of Tin in Float Glass from Jeff Elam

  2. Borofloat 33: Floated Borosilicate Glass from SCHOTT
    1. Product Description
    2. Forms Supplied
    3. Technical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties
    4. Chemical Properties
    5. Optical Properties
    6. Electrical Properties
    7. Fitting and Cleaning

  3. Mechanical Properties of Glasses

  4. CTE and Conductance of Frugal MCP Candidate Materials

  5. Dissipation Factor (Loss Tangent) vs. Frequency of Commercial Glasses

  6. Info on Borofloat glass

  7. 7059 Glass, Barium Borosilicate

  8. 7059 glass transmission

  9. Corning 7059 Properties

  10. Fused Silica Standard Grade

  11. Field Assisted Glass Sealing

  12. Glass Bonding - Anodic

  13. Corning Eagle

  14. Schott B270 Properties - Knight Optical

  15. Considerations on choice of glass for sealed flat-panel vacuum tubes (Sept. 2009)

  16. Using UV light to detect the presence of tin on glass (Jan. 2010)

  17. Commercial Tin-side Detector for Float Glass

  18. Schott Duran Datasheet

  19. Electrical and Thermal Constants of Borosilicate and Other Glasses

Frits, Pastes, and Coatings for Glass

  1. SP1965 Silver-paste for anode traces on glass from Ferro Corporation

  2. Data Sheet for Schott G018-223 frit for Borofloat33 (CTE of 3.1)

  3. Minotech report on using AGC DT430 frit (CTE of 7.2) on B270

  4. AGC spec sheet on AGC DT430 frit (for B270)

  5. Data Sheet for AGC 5290 frit (CTE of 7.9- not used so far)

  6. Table of AGC frits

  7. Certificate of Analysis for Ferro EG 2805 frit

  8. Delivery Note for Schott G018-223 frit


Pure Metals and Alloys of Various Metals

  1. CTE and Conductance of Frugal MCP Candidate Materials

  2. CTE's and Composition


  1. Properties of Copper


  1. Kovar

  2. Properties of Kovar


  1. Properties of Nichrome Alloys


  1. Pure antimony evaporation rate (l/s)

  2. Evaporation of antimony (monolayers/sec)

  3. Evaporation of antimony (nm/sec)

  4. Antimony + Getter Interactive Characteristics Sheet


  1. ICE Ceramic Material Properties

  2. CoorsTek Ceramic Material Properties

  3. Aremco Ceramic Purity

  4. Cordierite Glass Ceramics

  5. MACOR Data Sheet

  6. K. S. Shamala, L.C.S. Murthy and K. Narasimha Rao
    Studies on tin oxide films prepared by electron beam evaporation and spray
    pyrolysis methods

  7. Properties of Electrode Ceramics made from Tin Oxide
    G. I. Astanina, V. L. Balkevich, M. N. Kucheryavyi, and V. T. Selyanko

  8. Gelcasting

  9. Loss tangent AD-96 alumina



  1. Lead-Oxide, UFN 100 (1970)

  2. Lead-Oxide, Surf.Sci.100 (1980)

  3. Oxidation or Nitridation Behavior of Pure Chromium and Chromium Alloys
    Containing 10 mass%Ni or Fe in Atmospheric Heating. (2006)


  1. Scintillation Materials

  2. Scintillating Optic Fibers