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March 2012 Tile Factory Review Panel
April/May 2011 Meetings

Monday, April 25 Photocathodes (ANL) Gary Chair
Tuesday, April 26 Packaging (ANL) Karen Chair
Wednesday, April 27 -----
Thursday, April 28 Fast Timing Workshop (Chicago) (LINK to web site)
Friday, April 29 Fast Timing Workshop (Chicago)
Saturday, April 30 MCPs (ANL) Bob Chair
Friday, May 20 Electronics (ANL) Zikri Chair

Agendas and GP Reports

October 2010 Meetings

"In the spirit of focusing on key items and plans, it is better not to repeat information already presented at the last Review. Rather to focus on progress, problems, proposed solutions, and plans.

Each talk shouldn't take any longer than necessary to convey this information, leaving plenty of time for discussion. The times suggested are to guide preparation and if one thinks more time is needed, we can adjust, though we want to keep each presentation concise."

(quoted from Gary Varner)