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  1. Overview of photocathodes- table of materials, workfunctions, lifetimes, vacuum, response time.

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Basic Physics, Electronic Properties of Materials
  1. Wavelength Engineering and Bandgap Values

  2. Compilation of Energy Band Gaps in Elemental and Binary Compound

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Vapor transport data
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  5. Plot of Cs vapor presssure over Cs3Sb, enlarged from Dolizy 86

  6. Plot of K vapor presssure over K3Sb, enlarged from Dolizy 86

  7. Plot of gas chemical potential as a function of pressure, for water, K and Cs

    (The 20 steps in Figure 1 of RCA Patent 3838304 written out in prose.)

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GaNX, GaAsX, and other materials
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Nanostructure Photocathodes
  1. S.A. Fortuna, et al.; Planar GaAs Nanowires on GaAs (100) Substrates: Self-Aligned, Nearly Twin-Defect Free, and Transfer-Printable(2008)

Source Spectra: Cherenkov Light and Other Sources
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  2. Cherenkov light from 50 GeV air showers (J. Carlos, Univ. of Madrid)

Plots of PhotoCathode Response Spectra
  1. Bialkali/Multi-alkali Response (from Zeke Insepov)

  2. GaAs and GaASP Response (from Zeke Insepov)

Other: Opaque Photocathodes, X-Rays, UV, IR, Miscellaneous
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